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Make the most of your green energy journey

eWallaby is an energy technology planning and recommendation platform that helps homeowners save money.

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Be confident about green energy decisions

Thinking about adding solar, energy storage, and an electric vehicle to your home? eWallaby lets you mix and match technology solutions and walks through your options in a simple manner.

Evaluate technology options tailored to you

Our super detailed utility rate analysis will show you the best rate option for your green energy plan, so you don’t leave any money on the table.

Make smart rate choices

Be part of your neighborhoods’ path to a greener future and get recommendations from green adopters.

Connect with your community

Our goal is to speed up sustainable energy adoption

by empowering consumers to make confident choices in a changing energy landscape.

Who we are:
Sustainable energy advocates

We are a team of sustainable energy pros based in San Diego dedicated to helping people embrace sustainable technologies.

Founder: Ria Langheim

Founder: Ria Langheim

Ria grew up in Germany and the Netherlands where she biked to school every day (in every kind of weather!) As a young adult she learned about the detrimental climate change effects while working on a drought-ridden sheep and cattle farm in Australia. Prior to founding eWallaby, she worked as a wind and cogeneration energy consultant in Germany, did geothermal and smart grid research in Massachusetts, and did analysis and evaluation of electric vehicle and solar programs and consumer behavior in California. She is an expert on green energy and how all the technologies can be applied in your home and life: everything from solar panels and batteries to electric vehicles. Her passion is green energy optimization, and you can also find her walking in the Southern California desert with her husband and daughter.


4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd, Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92121